Cobb Home Innovations: Star Ceiling Home Theater Project

“Streamlined Home Theater Control: Where Magic Meets the Remote”

🎬 The Dream Theater Star Ceiling Experience 🎬

Imagine this: You step into your home theater, the lights dim, the star shine and the curtains elegantly glide shut. The room hushes in anticipation. Your heart races as you sink into plush theater seating, ready for the cinematic magic to unfold. But wait, there’s more! 🌟

The Star-Covered Ceiling

Look up! Behold a ceiling adorned with twinkling stars—like the Milky Way decided to vacation in your living room. It’s not just movie night; it’s a cosmic adventure from EpiXsky star panels. 🌌

The Colossal 98-Inch Flat Screen

Your eyeballs widen. The screen stretches wider than your neighbor’s enthusiasm for lawn ornaments. It’s so massive that even the pixels are doing squats. 📺

Surround Sound That Hugs Your Ears

The audio system wraps around you like a warm hug from your favorite aunt. Sonos, Martin Logan, KEF amps—they’re all in on this auditory conspiracy. 🎶

Seamless Lighting, Because Drama Matters

The lights dance in harmony with the plot twists. When the villain reveals their evil plan, the room darkens ominously. When the hero triumphs, the lights burst forth like confetti cannons. 🎆

Streamlined Home Theater Control


And the Maestro Behind It All: Pro Control!

🎩 Ta-da! Enter Pro Control, the wizard of home theater and star panels control orchestration. With a simple touch, it conducts the symphony of your entertainment universe. 🪄

  • Movie Time Button: The curtains part, the screen awakens, and the audio system hums to life. You’re the director, and the room obeys your every whim.

  • RGB Lighting Scene: Feeling blue? Or maybe green? Adjust the border lighting to match your mood. Heck, throw in some disco vibes if you’re feeling groovy. 🕺

  • Fireworks Display for the Star Ceiling: Because why settle for regular stars when you can have celestial pyrotechnics? 🎆

  • Popcorn Machine Illumination: Yes, even the popcorn machine gets its moment in the spotlight. It’s the unsung hero of movie nights. 🍿

Hugh Cobb, the Mastermind

Meet Hugh Cobb, founder of Cobb Home Innovations. He’s the Dumbledore of home theaters—wise, magical, and with a penchant for simplicity. 🧙‍♂️

Budget-Friendly Brilliance

 EpixSky star panels. It’s like finding a unicorn in your backyard—rare, delightful, and surprisingly affordable. 🦄