tv playing a black and white movie in a home theater with star ceiling and acoustic panels on the wall

Theater Decor

Epixsky designs and manufactures a variety of home theater lighting and deco options. We use LED fiber optic technology to create unique products to light up your rooms. Choose from cove lighting, fiber optic wall art, theater signage and more!

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  • Cove Lighting

    ThinGlow™ Flexible LED Strip Cove Lighting Cove Lighting adds an aesthetic accent and extra depth to your star ceiling.

  • Epix Arcade Environment

    Imagine playing inside a spaceship cockpit with time warp starfields or inside a racecar. Customize your game console with custom graphics and smart LED lighting for a total interactive experience on and off the game screen. Pick from one to four player consoles. Depending on your application EpiXsky designers and manufacturers can help fabricate the perfect environment as well as customize your game preferences.. Home Theaters Vacation Homes Game Rooms Personalized Graphics Customizable Game Packages 1-4 player console with roller ball, joysticks & action buttons Optional build out environment

  • Epix LED Diamond Series Acoustic Wall Panels

    Introducing – the Epix LED Diamond Series Acoustic Wall Panels – the perfect solution for creating a visually stunning and acoustically optimized space. Innovative design & LED back lighting effects are the designers choice for incorporating form and function.

  • Epix Portals

    Open up horizons with Epic Portals. Framed image windows using our FiberGlow™ system add depth and intrigue to any room.

  • Fiber Optic Wall Art

    Custom lighted wall art is a favorite for home theater décor. Our customers typically have an image in mind and have our designers enhance it with fiber optic lighting and program cycles. EpiXsky designers have access to thousands of images and can find one to suit your taste or you can choose your own.

  • Theater Signage

    Custom Theater Signage Epix Theater Signage is a popular choice for custom home theaters.

  • ThinGlow Cove Lighting

    THINGLOW™ FLEXIBLE LED STRIP LIGHTING ThinGlow™ Flexible LED light strips are used for many applications. Cove Lighting adds an aesthetic accent and extra depth to your star ceiling. Choose white for a classic look, or use EpiX’s RF controller to choose from thousands of colors and programs.