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  • 3-D Space Ship

    Wall Sculpture EpiXsky doesn’t stop at stars, it reaches far beyond with talented designers and artists to create a wall busting intrusion for a custom space themed children’s room. From faux painting to extruded art and fiber optic lighting this one is a show stopper!!!

  • Airbrushed Galaxy Ceiling

    THEMED AIRBRUSHED HOME THEATER CEILING For a dramatically rich home theater, we helped our client achieve maximum results by doubling down on this beautiful galaxy star ceiling.


    EpiXsky team put together one of their largest star ceiling projects in this casino ever and couldn’t be happier with the results! Add on a couple of shooting stars and this ceiling will make you look away from your cards.

  • Custom LED Theater

    Parade Of Homes Expose Epixsky’s dealer, Todd Astill with NERVE TV designed and installed this dynamic home theater for THE PARADE OF HOMES in Park City Utah! Using epiXsky’s star ceiling panels with our nebula special effect and RGB LED backlit angular inset walls makes this project a stunning show stopper!

  • Elite Audio Video

    Custom Home Theater This award winning design for this theater is a gorgeous example of the horizon and starfield combination. Elite Audio Video Systems did a great job Installing our Twilight Acoustical Star Panels. Our easy plug and play system made it a breeze to install and the client was very happy with their night sky! See article in CEPro Magazine

  • Garabaldi’s Restaurant

    Custom Restaurant Interior This restaurants interior was designed to bring life to the customers surroundings reflecting the menus food and energy of the staff and clientele.


    ALL-STAR™ CEILING PANELS In coordination with MKM design and Stylus, we were excited to do this star ceiling install. A perfect example of how Epixsky’s All-Star™ Drop in 2’x2′ acoustic star panels can easily transform a traditional plain drop ceiling to a magical universe. Of course the whimsical artistic walls of The Goshen library hold up the stars beautifully!

  • Gotham City Theme Room

    A custom install for a customer who has a love for Batman and all imagery.

  • Houston Color Factory

    This project falls under one of the biggest and most labor intensive projects to date for the EpiXsky Team. We were contacted by the CEO of the Color Factory, a pop-up museum with only one of them turning into a permanent location, and that is in New York. They have had 2 other locations, one in San Francisco and now one in Houston Tx. Each location features a Ball Pit of some kind. They decided to take the already amazing design to another level. They partnered with NASA on this one, to create the feel of walking on the moon…

  • Kettering Hospital

    Treatment Room Kettering Hospital’s treatment room was designed and accessorized to create a calm ambient glow for patients to relieve mental and emotional distress.

  • Mai Thai Restaurant

    This local downtown restaurant was looking to stand out from other downtown restaurants. With the help of designers and fabricators from Epixsky the outcome was a hit!

  • Miami VA Hospital

    We were happy to work with the team at the Miami VA Hospital, incorporating our fiber optic star panels into their LINAC Accelerator Treatment Room. A ceiling full of twinkling stars nested above cozy cove lighting creates a calming mystique helping patients through an anxious time. Another successful one of kind star ceiling projects in the medical field, making a difference one star at a time.

  • Midnight Hookah Lounge

    EpiXsky designed and installed a 65 foot milky way star panel ceiling using over 5600 Fiber Optic Stars from entryway to lounge area. The Midnight Hookah Lounge wanted something that helped them stand out from their competitors. Getting out of the hot Florida sun on the I-Drive strip and immersing yourself in a cool magical midnight under the stars is an experience like no other.

  • One Of A Kind Acoustic Studio Wall

    We like to call this product line “The Vibe Wall” as its inspiration comes from the famous music producer AYO whose mission was to create an ever-changing vibe to the room….. mission accomplished. Read More Below

  • Rangetsu Japanese Restaurant

    Rangetsu’s reputation for the beauty and quality of authentic Japanese cuisine was carried into full effect by our lighting designers as every detail was taken into consideration when it came to creating this unique atmosphere. Using controllable color changing light and delicate sounds from custom bubble walls, this space is one of a kind.  

  • St. Joseph’s Hospital

    CHILDREN’S TREATMENT ROOM Soothing beauty in a serene space. A mesmerizing atmosphere is created by EpiXsky. St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital treatment room is swimmingly calm for young patients going through stressful moments.

  • Star Ceiling with Custom Logo

    CUSTOM LOGO ON STAR CEILING This project turned out absolutely 100 percent! D. Swift of the Detroit Lions trusted us to bring his theater to another level, by including a custom Logo constellation that he’s known for. Accent the perimeter with our color changing ThinGlow™ cove lighting and touchdown!


    STAR WARS THEME HOME THEATER This Star Wars themed theater was designed by the homeowner, Rick Sutton, an engineer who had a vision and designed this entire build out on his own. 

  • Star Panels In-Flight Home Theater

    Lighted Plane Theater and Vegas Mural Solara Vacation Home uses EpiXsky to help customize themed rooms including an airplane interior home theater and a Las Vegas game room.

  • Stars in cars

    Custom Starfield Headliner EpiXsky puts stars in your car, or in your private airplane! Our fiber optic starboard technology allows us to install a whole fiber optic network seamlessly between the headliner and the roof.

  • Statler Star Sky Rooftop Lounge

    Statler Star Sky Rooftop Lounge To extend the outdoor visual of its spectacular view of the entire Dallas skyline, EpiXsky installed fiber optic star ceiling tiles in The Waterproof Lounge on the 19th floor of the Statler Hotel giving the feel of being outside on a starry night  

  • Vegas Lighted Mural

    We were given the freedom by one of our favorite resort home designers, Karen Woodward, to take this Las Vegas Mural that was 10ft x 7ft in size , and “Bring it to Life”!” Karen created a large reverse shadow box that became the murals surface and the back housed the custom electronics behind the scenes creating this spectacular art piece. WATCH VIDEO BELOW IN DESCRIPTION